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Today the sun will appear;

There would be no other way.

I remember my dear friend

like it was yesterday.

The wind whistles in the trees;

I hear you laughing in its grace.

It will rain tomorrow

As tears roll slowly down my face.

The moon shone above us

As we sang under its light.

Two comrades hand-in-hand

As we danced all through the night.

I look up to the heavens

Where there is no more pain.

And upon the rolling clouds

We will one day dance again.


Thank you Mikie, for making me smile, for complimenting me when I felt bad about myself, for wiping my tears and listening to my problems. Thank you for the many dances and the songs we sang. Thank you mostly for inspiring me to find my goofy side. Goodbye, friend.



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224513_10151083190066947_1701991857_nThe swiveling Arizona heat and orange blossoms circling in the reflection of your eyes.
Thank you for taking us to the heat of the desert in Oliver, Canada.
The consistent energy of your persona; the honesty that surrounded you.
When you spoke, it was of purity, good intention and will.

You loved her passionately; and you now watch her, with honour—from every single sky.
Roland; a name meaning “famous of the land”;
How fitting for a man of true brilliance that extended far beyond his love of nature.
Stoic you were; and stoic you lay to rest.
They all sang in glorious harmony; I am sorry that I could not, and that I could only cry.
I will miss your voice… I promise that in writing, I will always try.

— T. D. O’Grady

Dedicated to my great Uncle Roland. Thank you for being the champion of my true passion and for believing in me. I will miss you terribly. No words can truly explain the feeling.

Wishes in the wind


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We walked along the train tracks
And blew wishes from the dandelions.
She sang about bluebells and held buttercups under my chin.
She was my favourite companion.

The school bell would ring,
And out I would run.
And there waiting in the field for me
Was none other than my Mom.

She’d ask, “Should we go along the tracks today?”
My answer was always, “Yes.”
And off we would go, without much thought.
Blowing wishes to our hearts content.

I’d walk along the rail, sometimes quite far ahead.
And as I grew up, farther away I’d go,
But one thing I always knew:
Even if not in sight, my Mom was always with me; that’s forever true.

T. D. O’Grady


Alone in the Dark


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It must have been another life
When I believed in truth.
When I felt invincible,
As if there was nothing I couldn’t do.

It must have been a dream
When we shone flashlights at the stars.
More simple times, oh so young;
Now that memory is so far.

Sometimes I forget who I am;
Who is this Ms. Dawn?
Sometimes I get so lost in thought
So much has gone so wrong.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this…
I tell myself at thirty two.
So many people I loved are dead,
And most often, I think of you.

He doesn’t always look at me the same way;
and that I cannot blame.
I don’t know who I’ve become,
Nothing seems to stay the same.

I used to believe I had a purpose;
That I’d make a significant & positive change.
As I age, it’s a struggle to comprehend
That gone are better days.

— T. D. O’Grady