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My PianoI wrote the majority of this poem when I was 15 years old; it is a piece that I hold dear to my soul. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share with you.

The Dream

I had a dream that it was fine.
That life in general was on cloud nine.
I didn’t know what the word ’pain’ meant.
I knew that angels were always sent.

No one knew what it was like to lose.
Decisions were easy; you didn’t have to choose.
I knew what it was like to be in love,
Because I was loved back and put above.

There was no such thing as getting too old.
Childhood lasted longer than we were told.
Friends stayed friends and never faded,
Because relationships were never jaded.

I could be whatever I wanted to be.
There was no such thing as poverty.
Parents stayed in love, never thought of divorce.
The life you led never had to be forced.

I had no idea what it was like to be used.
I’d never seen physical or verbal abuse.
When loved ones died their spirits could communicate.
With time, you could never be too late.

With hard work you would always succeed.
And when you had money, it never turned into greed.
Addictions were easy to overcome.
I confronted my fears and would never run.

You could fly across the world in half the time.
The people I loved never committed a crime.
Superheroes were not make-believe.
Someone’s word was the truth; never deceived.

In the blink of an eye I could disappear.
In the right direction I would always steer.
Reality was Santa, the Tooth Fairy and magic;
They had not been fake, so it wasn’t tragic.

When I thought happy thoughts I could fly;
Follow the brightest star in the sky.
I had a tree fort as big as my room
That I’d hide away in if I ever felt gloom.

I had love, happiness, friends, and a family.
A career, talents, and everything imagined could be.
If you just thought of a song it would start to play
Like a musical that lasted as long as you stayed.

In alone time I had a room where I could go
And the only thing in it was my grand piano.
I had every piece of music from Neil Young to Beethoven.
The moments were captured as if they were frozen.

A person I cared about I would never miss
Because they weren’t gone long enough to consider this.
God could speak to me and give me advice.
I knew what I needed to know and never thought twice.

“I love you” and words were always sincere.
They were never forgotten, always held dear.
You could never be blinded by someone’s illusion.
Intimacy and sex never turned into confusion.

In someone’s eyes I knew I was beautiful.
Being patient I never had to endure.
Towards sins and demons I could never be lured.
Cancer, aids, and diseases could always be cured.

During the day the sun would always shine.
And the long lasting roses gleamed and didn’t die.
You could swim forever underwater because you could breathe.
Corrupt and overpowering people never seized.

At night the sky was always clear.
The stars you could hold onto because they were near.
The constellations told stories of magical places.
The dark wasn’t frightening, bad guys were erased.

I had this dream that it was fine,
Where I lived in a place above cloud nine.
When I awoke it was dark and my bed was cold
With only me, the silence, and this dream that I hold.

Why I dreamed of a world so perfect and changed
I’ll never know, no matter how many times my thoughts I rearrange.
There are so many, “I don’t know’s” and questions that lie ahead;
Unfair things that happen, choices, and times that I dread.

What if our reality is actually the dream?
And our dreams foreshadow our lives that are unseen.
But then our nightmares are often worse that this life we know
And if that’s the case, it’s a place I don’t want to go.

I’ll take a breath, clear my head, and try to fall asleep
To go back to the dream that understands why I go so deep.
Float away, fly to the moon, and dance upon its grace.
I wish I could take you with me, but I only imagined this place.

– Tia D. O’Grady