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I never thought I’d be where I am at today; but I would not be who I am without having met the little girl in my life.  I love her more than I knew how to love; I love her in a different kind of love that you cannot quite put into words.  I will try to protect her without over sheltering her.  I do not know if I am doing the right thing a lot of the time, but she gives me a whole new sense of purpose. She brings meaning to my life.  So here is to my little girl; someone I call my daughter.  She is my little angel –  I love you bazzle.


Little delightful Darlin’
Precious in your innocence
And splendour of ways;
Angelic ringlets of bliss.

There, there Darlin’
It is going to be okay.
And I will do what I can
For you to stay this way.

 Keep dancing little Darlin’.
Keep running as fast as you can.
And if you should fall,
I will lend you my hand.

 Little champion, Darlin’
Nothing has to be complicated with you,
Because we will make it through:
Him, me and you.

 Oh little Darlin’
You have opened my eyes
And opened my heart;
There’s no need to cry.

– Tia D. O’Grady