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Her red hair blended in with the sunset
that she gazed upon with her emerald eyes.
Her porcelain skin shone with child-like speckles;
Her smile formed a heart as she looked at the sky.

Books would lose her as the stories took over.
Her beauty only grew as she got older,
But she didn’t notice the people stop and gaze
As she walked through the room and continued in her ways.

To her youngest daughter she would point out the full-moon.
And she would start to cry if her eldest ever felt pain.
Her heart was unstoppable and was filled with compassion
That would leak and spill for others, never in vain.

She was a teacher who children and babies fell in love with.
Her laugh would make time stand still if you heard it.
Her touch  made you feel lucky if you felt it.
And if you ever lost her, there would be an infinite miss.

But she never understood all that she was,
And never knew how much significance she enclosed;
But this blinded quality makes her humble and true.
She is a daughter’s soul; forever this will carry through.

– Tia D. O’Grady

(Dedicated to my mother – you are my heart, you are my soul)