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Anonymous – Introduction

“I know that this sounds strange, but if you only understood you would see that I’m not a mother, but if you knew me, you would see that I have raised many sons and daughters.”

Have you ever heard of a food that is good for your brain? I have. I’m not telling you from who (well maybe near the end). But the fruit is a blueberry.

Okay. Laugh all you want. But you do not understand. And you will not, until the end of my book. (Maybe I should say diary). But I promise you: If you make it until the end, you will either be able to make an understanding from it, or you will know exactly how I feel. You will just know.

So do you want to understand me? Why would you want to understand me. Is it weird that is not a question? I am just one lonely soul encased in some body, where I have no idea where I will fly to, or disappear to, once this body that encloses me decomposes. Well I guess that is the big question, is it not?

I’m writing on a paper in a car. Some truck. Some truck that belongs to a person that does not belong to me. And the sun is shining on my paper. It makes it so white and bright that it is straining my eyes, like I am writing on light. My pen marks make this paper so illuminating to me. I can barely see.

So why is this different? Well, you are reading my words. Yes you are reading words on a page. But it is from me, and only me. And once it spreads throughout your comprehension, it is yours forever. It is my meaning, evolving into your own. From just me. I am not a famous person. I am not well-known (well at least as far as I know). Just someone, a woman, that has a lot to say. So just try to understand.


Read this.

Read… Me.

To be continued…

– Tia D. O’Grady