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A friend

My dear friend asked if I could write a poem for her to give to one of her own best friends for her birthday as a gift. It was quite easy to write it for her, because all I had to think of was how I felt about my dear friend herself. In the end, this was the concoction. If she reads this, may she know that it was truly written for her from me.


We were swarmed in the crowd and became part of the blur;
She took me by the hand and all I could see was my friend.
When the earth shook so hard I felt I had lost my soul,
She taught me how to trust again; it was in her I could depend.

 I do not remember why we laughed, but that moment stood still in my mind.
If I could go back to a time, it would be then, because I forgot the world.
There is something reassuring in knowing that we do not have to speak
To know that there is serenity, even in my worst times with her.

 She is a solid piece of my core that without I would forget how to stand.
There is familiarity in her eyes that makes me smile; together, we will withstand.

– Tia D. O’Grady