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If all were sweet, I’d set a fire
upon your heart and stay awhile.
If all were blessed I’d hold you hard
and make sure we didn’t come apart.
If all were happy I’d walk the plank
and fall in love with you over again.

If all were fair I’d win the game
and I would not have to rearrange.
If all were true I’d believe in you.
I’d know you’d be there through and through.

If life carried on I’d see you after
you passed on in our contagious laughter.
And I’d see you for the first time, when we were twelve,
and like a story we’d stay put on the shelf.

I will miss you when you’ve passed on
And I’ll be mad at the choices gone wrong.
And I’ll think of the conversations that lingered
And the friendship that withered.

But I’ll remember how my heart you did light.
And I’ll try to forget any cause for a fight.
And I’ll forgive you for the anger and destruction.
Because internally you had been my soul’s misconstruction.

So until we meet again…
You can wait on me, my friend.

– Tia D. O’Grady