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Nanny and papa

This is dedicated to my grandparents for their anniversary. May the years continue to flourish together; forever.

Her golden short curls
shine in the sun, like the first day he saw her.
His bright blue eyes
swim with pride, like the moment they met.
Their hands fit
as a puzzle piece together,
and they cannot count
how many times they watched the sunset.

Life together has portrayed
twists and turns;
from season to season,
and years they have learned:

To laugh, to cry, to fight,
to move on;
As the days start and end.
To awake beside as best friends.

They take their nap and fall asleep
and go back to days upon the swing,
and they stare at the lake with the sun slowly falling;
where they will meet forever in their dreams.

– Tia D. O’Grady