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Costa Rica

Hello Readers!

I am currently on a 13 day trip in Costa Rica with one of my best friends. I truly wish that I had a way of posting some exciting photos and videos, but as I finally made it to the first internet cafe that I have seen in so far 6 days of travel, my card reader does not work in the computer here.

Anyway, a promise is a promise, so I thought I would write regardless, just to let you know that I am safe and sound.

Until today I have been in the jungle, basically. Highlights include:

  • Getting scared shitless arriving in San Jose
  • Staying in a hostel in Fortuna where you see the Arenal Volcano right in front of you
  • Swimming in the natural Tabacon hot springs that are heated by the volcanic rock of Arenal (and having a natural mud mask put on by my good-looking Costa Rican tour guide (don´t worry, I was not special, he did it to everyone, and my husband is far better looking)
  • Seeing howler monkeys and chasing them right behind the tour guide (I was desperate to see one, and the people on the tour probably thought I was nuts)
  • Going on a zip-line canopy tour in Monteverde (one of the best experiences of my life) – tarzan swing was far more frightening than bungee jumping, and my friend Hayley actually did it and she hates that kind of ‘adrenaline’ stuff
  • Doing a coffee plantation tour (mmmm, organic coffee and chocolate – oh and a machine that squeezed a sugar cane and provided a delicious shot of juice)
  • Seeing a sloth at the coffee plantation and catching him on video smacking his butt (itching, but it is quite hilarious!)
  • Talking with 6 Canadian girls at night and playing Jenga in our hostel, all in pairs (just so happened we all arrived at the same time in the same hostel)
  • Taking the ferry to Montezuma and meeting a very nice guy named Thomas from Halifax, Nova Scotia (he was VERY happy to see us arrive, as he was traveling alone and pretty culture-shocked at the moment)
  • Arriving to Montezuma and finally flopping down on the beach in 36 degree C weather and getting to swim in the OCEAN!!!!!!!


We start our day 7 tomorrow – I cannot believe that I have only 1 more week left of  traveling the west coast of Costa Rica (we may even drive across to the Caribbean side).

Tomorrow I will be riding a horse to a waterfall. Yup, sounds pretty spectacular to me.

However… I have had huge moments of homesickness while away. Definitely missing my loves of my life, and my family and friends. I think 13 days will be enough for me… well, until the next adventure (but maybe I will take them with me next time!)

All my love, and thank you for reading as always.

– Tia D. O’Grady