Peter and I

Dedicated to a friend that we lost too soon. I’ll never forget you, Peter. Thanks for the adventure in Chicago – the trip of a lifetime.

Strolling the Streets of Chicago

Something tells me you aren’t gone –
Us walking in the chilled winds of Chicago,
While you explained your life story, and asked mine.
You were an honest man, in a not so honest time.

You were so strange, but yet, so am I.
And in our strangeness I did find
A bond with someone that saw the best in me –
Something tells me, you must now be free.

I see you roam the streets of downtown,
This is where I spend most of my time somehow.
And in a blink, you vanish into someone else.
Something tells me time will tell.

It has to be more, you have to be roaming,
In the skies, a part of the stars, you are soaring.
I’ll meet you again, as you reassured we’re all going.
Something tells me, you had always known.

– Tia D. O’Grady