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An infinite gaze of love and understanding,
At times, no words needed to be said.
A heart that is overflowing,
A feeling that’s impossible to fully comprehend.

Time keeps ticking, and youth disappears.
In adulthood, life moves at a rapid pace.
When I hit walls that I can’t break,
In her arms is where I’d feel most safe.

To know that there’s nothing I could do
To make her give up her belief in me,
Is to know that I must keep going
As she raised me to be the best I could be.

My mother is my heart; my mother lives in me.
I see her in the mirror; I see her in my dreams.
Her happiness is pure beauty; her smile moves mountains.
Our love is raw and true; hearts overflowing like streams.

— T. D. O’Grady

Dedicated to all women who provide the love and care for children, and most importantly—for my Mom this Mother’s Day—Lorraine Annette Linquist. If there were more people in the world like you, the world would be filled with much more love.