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It must have been another life
When I believed in truth.
When I felt invincible,
As if there was nothing I couldn’t do.

It must have been a dream
When we shone flashlights at the stars.
More simple times, oh so young;
Now that memory is so far.

Sometimes I forget who I am;
Who is this Ms. Dawn?
Sometimes I get so lost in thought
So much has gone so wrong.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this…
I tell myself at thirty two.
So many people I loved are dead,
And most often, I think of you.

He doesn’t always look at me the same way;
and that I cannot blame.
I don’t know who I’ve become,
Nothing seems to stay the same.

I used to believe I had a purpose;
That I’d make a significant & positive change.
As I age, it’s a struggle to comprehend
That gone are better days.

— T. D. O’Grady