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My name is Tia Dawn O’Grady. I am an author, freelance and copy writer.  I am eager to eventually finish my autobiography (a lot of it comes directly from my diaries), and my fiction novel (mystery, horror, love and lust). My blog is dedicated to my personal writing: articles, poetry and short stories. I am grateful for my followers and am ecstatic to be able to expose my creations.

I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, in a city called Port Moody. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed “words.” I remember my mom teaching me how to read when I was four, and how the word “the” was always hard to remember because of the “th”.  I thank and owe my mom for my passion of writing because of her invaluable teaching skills.

I owned (and hid from my parents) a diary since I was seven. Some of my best writing comes from my numerous entries: raw, honest, emotional, intense and often very dark/melancholy.  Once I worked my way through secondary school, I applied to Simon Fraser University, but didn’t know whether I would be accepted or not. I made big plans at the age of 18 to get a working visa and head to Australia where my Dad’s step-mom lives, my auntie and cousin.  While on my high school graduation trip in Cancun, Mexico, I called my mom only to learn that she had opened a letter from SFU that said I had been accepted. I canceled my travel plans and went to the University; it was bitter/sweet, and to this day, I still feel that way.

Of course I loved English, but I did not want to be a teacher.  By fluke I took a Communications course and never looked back. The field was innovative, worldly, modern (yet historical) and most importantly, involved writing and learning where language and print came from.  Writing in Communications allowed me to have my own voice and opinion, without having to follow the structure of an English essay; my papers were still me. In the midst of my post secondary education, like many people in their 20s, I loved, lost, traveled and battled what it meant to be young, but old enough to know better. I graduated with my BA in 2009 (Communications major and squeaked in an English minor). I have worked in both corporate and not-for-profit organizations, but eventually found myself almost 10 years later back at Simon Fraser University, now working for the Office of the Vice-President, Research. Among becoming a published novelist and poet, one day I see myself as a professor.

Here is what I know that is true in life, to me:

The heart can never hold too much love.

I may never grow up. And I don’t believe that anyone really does.

In times of sadness, I am most creative.

You only can get over things that you want to. If you’re not over it, it’s because you don’t want it to be over, even if you know deep down that it should be.

When I see people consumed in their passion, whether they’re speaking about it, performing, looking at it, and so on, this makes me extremely emotional.

I care about people, so much at times, that it overtakes my own love for myself. This can be dangerous and as much as it’s one of the best things about me, it’s my overriding flaw.

I have a memory of past experience like you would not believe.

I dream in colour. And I often dream about people or experiences right before something related comes into fruition/reality.

Music leads to emancipation.

Three life lessons: perfection is boring; it is all about timing; and thinking outside the box is key.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you are inspired to follow my blog and social media channels.

Live, love, laugh, write.

– T. D. O’Grady

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  1. Excited to follow your blog


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