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“We are freed from limitations.”

Many were living alone,
trapped within our sorrow.
Unsure of purpose, dwelling on past,
dreading the mundane of tomorrow.

We needed to make sense of ourselves
in order to discover what lay within.
A metamorphosis of our spirits
could only lead to emancipation.

A transformation from being alone,
to independence found together.
We emerge reborn and limitless,
unbound and free — forever.

— T. D. O’Grady

Dedicated to Tarryn


Remembering Winter


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fullsizerender-1He walked outside; the air was crisp.
He hadn’t felt air like this for quite some time in December.
It forced him to think of years ago when the air felt this sharp;
A time that stung to take off the shelf, brush off, and remember.

How was it that so many years had past, yet the pain still felt so fresh?
How was it that he now was twice the age of hers when she departed
this world; this beautiful, twisted, miraculously cruel world.
Nonsense… injustice. Impossible to go back to the start.

The snow began to fall. The sun began to shine.
It had been such a long time before this with darkness and rain.
He still looks through the same eyes as when he was a child.
His heart still beats. His lungs still breathe. Inside he is the same.

Walking home to his front door, he looked up at the sky that night.
It felt like it had been awhile since the clouds parted and the stars shone on himself.
If you ever want perspective, just look at the stars.
It was now time. He placed her back on the shelf.

— T. D. O’Grady


The Serpent


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I did not see it coming;
I was not quite prepared.
Empathy, it did not know
And frightening me, it dared.

It lurked behind me like a shadow.
It followed me both day and night.
But whenever I tried to confront it,
It disappeared from sight.

It was peculiar, this thing;
This serpent from the past.
A manipulative beast of poison
that pushed me into its path.

On the darkest night in December,
I was at the end of my rope.
I walked outside into the rain
and begged for it to go.

Then finally I saw him
Right before my very eyes.
It was the size of a wee boy
With a presence more powerful than mine.

Chills ran down my spine
and I asked him just one thing:
“Boy, why do you haunt me?”
He stared at me and grinned.

I watched him slowly walk away
and disappear into the night.
But I heard him whisper in the breeze:
“Because you were afraid of the light.”

– Tia D. O’Grady


Strolling the Chicago Streets

Peter and I

Dedicated to a friend that we lost too soon. I’ll never forget you, Peter. Thanks for the adventure in Chicago – the trip of a lifetime.

Strolling the Streets of Chicago

Something tells me you aren’t gone –
Us walking in the chilled winds of Chicago,
While you explained your life story, and asked mine.
You were an honest man, in a not so honest time.

You were so strange, but yet, so am I.
And in our strangeness I did find
A bond with someone that saw the best in me –
Something tells me, you must now be free.

I see you roam the streets of downtown,
This is where I spend most of my time somehow.
And in a blink, you vanish into someone else.
Something tells me time will tell.

It has to be more, you have to be roaming,
In the skies, a part of the stars, you are soaring.
I’ll meet you again, as you reassured we’re all going.
Something tells me, you had always known.

– Tia D. O’Grady